Monday, April 7, 2014


Let's see what can i tell you this week?
MIRACLES!!! the Lord has absolutely blessed us to much this week. We went from 4 progressing investigators to 9 progressing. Progressing means that they are keeping their commitments. And we got 2 people at church this sunday!! which is a huge blessing because we haven't been able to get people to church very much!! ha
So this week is the first time since being in a fulltime proselyting area that the day dragged on.. ha i was tired, my companion was tired. we really didn't plan many activities and our appointments all fell through, however God still blessed us with a great rest of the week.
We had interviews with the president this week, he is such and awesome man. But the best part was the interview meeting that we had with the district. i learned so many good things about teaching with the spirit, especially because we role played. then i took that and worked it really well in my area that day. so far in this area we can really only count on 1 hand the number of powerful lessons we've had. that is not ok. we can have powerful lessons each time if we allow it to happen and prepare sufficiently. so later that day we had two great lessons with our investigators and now they are progressing so well. i'm so excited to see them proegress. their names are john, gina and their daughter callias (callay). John needs to give up drinking and gina weed ha . but they have the desire. please pray for them.
i want to share with you something funny that john said. We were talking to him about not drinking anymore and he was afraid to offend the people he was with by saying no. so he came up with just telling them that he wants water. His niece then comes in and asks for money to buy a beer and he said " go drink some water instead" "you can have water and i'm allowed to have the beer!!!" ha he was joking but it was so funny`! ha you would love them:) after we were teaching them we went to their next door neighbors, which is another one of their nieces, and we were teaching her. john came into his back yard and saw us outside teaching her on her porch and he gives us a thumbs up, smiles and backs away:) ha he's great!!
it's been a great week!!
The cool thing about john and gina is that in the past email i've been telling you about how they didn't want us to really come around and teach them anymore. They were pretty set on the maori church because that is what their family said they should do. But i was pretty set on teaching them the first discussion about Joseph Smith and then allowing them to make the decision. Last week i told you we taught John and this week we were able to teach it to Gina on her doorstep. I asked if we could come in for a minute and she denied. So i decided that it's now or never and just started teaching her right their even though she just said she wanted john to be there when we were teaching her. Suddenly her ears opened, she became intereted and she loved what we were telling her. She said that she didn't feel like having her kids baptized at the marae was right. She felt that what we taught her was true. The spirit had touched her heart and she began to feel bad and confess to us that she had been avoiding us. We committed her to pray and when we say them again which is in the above lesson about the beer comments they told us that they had received their answer. They said when they prayed they felt happy inside. They felt that a weight had been lifted off of their shoulder and also said they felt relieved. The best part is that when they told us they weren't sitting together, Gina was in the house and john outside. But they basically said the exact same thing! seriously, talk about unity. There are so many times when they say the same things and describe experiences that they had separately the same way. They are amazing! please pray for them. i love them heaps! Also callais and john prayed together and she said the prayer. They both felt the answer, it was amazing! She said that the happy feeling made her want to obey her parents for once! ha so cute! She also had bible study in school and she said that she had to pray for everyone. She said her teacher says dear God but she said dear heavenly father because that's how we taught her!! yay it's sticking!
Another miracle we had this week was that we got a new investigator that is ready for baptism. She just moved in with her sister, a family in our ward, because her husband beat her because he didnt' want her to join the church. She was set for baptism on the 29 of this month, by the missionaries up in auckland. She still wants to be baptized really bad and so i'm excited for things with her. Her name is mary and she is so sweet. She has a little boy named shawn! love them!
please pray for
arohaina, dorothy, breeze, deadre, john, gina, whitney, mary, foliga, and trisina. All of these are our progressing investigators! They need your prayers! Thank you so much! i hope you enjoyed the letter! my faith was certainly increased this week.
Moroni 7 "how can we lay hold upon every good thing?" only through Jesus Christ. Having faith and hope in his atonement, for through his atonement we can overcome death and sin! He is amazing and truly has given us all:)
love you heaps! please pray for me and my companion as well! AND the sisters that i'm over.

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