Tuesday, April 15, 2014

We get to go to the Temple!

Hello Family,
things are going really well in my area. We have a lot of progressing investigators, just can't seem to get them to church!!! ha BUT we  have a baptism coming up. His name is Jordon Longhurst! He is a great kid. Not sure if i told you how we found him in last weeks emails but i'll share it with you again. 
We were running out of time before church. We had gone to our investigators trying to find someone that would come to church. We went to arohaina's house, and she wasn't home. But we found her brother, tokowhiti(toe koe fitee, he is 16) (here in NZ the letters wh make an f sound) and his friend Jordon (18). They were just chilling in the living room playing x box. We started talking to them about the plan of salvation and then invited them to church, surprisingly they agreed and came along.  ha the boys started playing rock paper scissors in sacrament! ha Well church was over and i'm not too sure how much they enjoyed it but we set an appointment for the next day with Jordon. We've been teaching Jordon for a week now and he just loves everything that we give him. He is going to be baptized on the 26th of April and he's excited as well. The sad thing about Jordon is that he has some mental disabilities, but honestly you wouldn't be able to really tell. It's just that his mom treats him like he's less. But honestly he understands the lessons so clearly and perfectly, it's amazing! Please pray for Jordon, he is on a good road. 
Ok so for John and Gina. They are coming along slowly. Their hearts have definitely been softened and they have come to love us. We just need to find a way for them to open up to others. They love what they are learning and they notice that it makes them happier and feel good inside. I love this family. I hope i can see them baptized. If not i hope that they are baptized:) i believe that they will be. Please pray for them as well.
Sister Samamtaua and i are getting along so well. We laughed so much this week and it was so much fun! i so enjoyed it!
Sister Samamtaua has told me recently that i have changed her life as a missionary. She is obedient and she is happy. She works hard now because she wants to, not because i  do it and take her with me. When we go on exchanges, she is making the changes in the sisters as well.  It makes me so happy to know that i, with the Lords help, have shaped one of his children in to an even better person/missionary. I cried when she told me that i've changed her life and she loves who she is. 
All the people and kids on the street that we meet can really only remember my name, so when they see us they either call out "hey sister bird" or better yet, lately it's been "hey sister birds!" ha it's so funny! and when people glance at her name badge they think that it says "sister samantha" instead of samataua. So she gets called Samantha alot! it's crack up!
This week we got great news.... i've been praying for this to happen! We are going to the temple again!!! yaya!! our zone goes on Thursday, which will be Wednesday your time! i am so excited. I was in Hamilton in the mission leadership council that i attend now that i am a sister training leader, and president announced it and i started crying. i need the temple. it's my strength! What a blessing that they Lords has given me:) 
This week remember the Savior. Remember how he was humble and modest. Everything that he did in deed, word or action was very modest and always glorified our father in heaven. He never drew attention to himself but always gave the credit to heavenly father adn always relied on him. Let us join the Savior in that example this week of glorifying our father in heaven with our uplifting words, our kind deeds and our modest appearance:) love you all
Sister Bird

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