Sunday, April 27, 2014

How has it been 9 months already?

How has it been 9 months already, honestly i still feel like i just got out here! ha :) Things went really well this week, Jordon got baptized! i am so happy for him, and he is so happy. i couldn't help but smile so big when he received the Holy Ghost. What a precious gift that he can now enjoy. :)
So i don't know if i told you but sister samataua and i are still together here in tuakau! yay! We are becoming great friends, and i feel that 3 transfers is the perfect amount of time to become lasting friends. We have so much fun together, lots of laughs and jokes! ha she's making me a funnier person! ha 
I wish i could think of more things to write, but i am stuck! ha 
I'll tell you a bit about the baptism. so honestly is was the most spiritual baptism i've been to... and i'm not saying that because we planned it because i've planned a few in the past. But i'm going to tell you some reasons why it was so good. We were given a list of things to accomplish starting at 2 weeks in advance to prepare for a spiritual baptism. So we did that. we were able to get the ward involved and delegated a lot of things and then stayed in contact with them so that they got it done. Honestly, the ward helped out so much . there were no hiccups or nothing that went wrong for the baptism. i am so pleased and continue to thank my heavenly father for a great day. I sung at the baptism with our zone leader, elder terry. It was really nice. i started off soloing... bad idea. i got so nervous you could tell but as the song went on and we sang together, it progressed. i am so grateful to have a companion that plays the piano beautifully and i am so blessed to be able to sing like i do. i am grateful to the Lord for our protection each day and for my talents he has blessed me with . i know i wouldn't be able to have have accomplished any of this without him.  
i know that God lives. i love you all! have a great week! 
Sister Bird

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