Sunday, April 27, 2014

This week i learned about keeping my mind focused and centered on the work.

Wow! Another week come and gone. i honestly cant even remember what happened to write you about. All i know is what happened today. so i will start with that and the rest will probably come!
so this morning we had a zone activity in papakura. We played kick ball and it was a blast! usually sister samataua and i do our own thing on p-days but it was so fun to be with all the other missionaries! loved it! Hey by the way, i'm actually getting better at sports and i'm liking them:) Sister Samataua has been training me on volley ball in the mornings. We gotten to the point where we can pass it back and forth without having to run after it every hit! yay! i'm not as afraid of the ball. Remember back home when we would play. It would come at me and i would duck and run! ha silly  me! sometimes that still happens but i've gotten SO  much better.
So the next fun even of the day was.... We went to go do a spirutual thought at someones 21st birthday party. We get there at the ward members home and their giant dog runs out, bite's sister princes' companions let and it was bad! We all freaked out but she was in the front so she got attacked. She got a bit hole in her thigh. So we left straightaway and took her to the doctor. Mom understands me, i just couldn't stop laughing. It wasn't funny but i always laugh when someone gets hurt. ha :/ ha So we just came from the doctor and here i am emailing at 5pm. ha sorry!
Jordon is coming along so great! He has great fellowship in the ward. None of them are his age at all, because there are none his age but all the RM's take him around and take him to institute. He loves it all. Everyone's been asking him if he was excited about his baptism and since we told him about the interview he wasn't giving an excited reply. ha so finally i asked him if he wanted to see the questions and he said yes. He looked at them and was good! ha silly kid!
Transfers is this week. We will find out in the next few days what will happen. So i'm not so sure if i'll be here for his baptism... but that is okay! i am just excited for him!
So earlier this week it was crazy stormy, raining and windy. Because it was so windy it was useless to have an umbrella, so we walked around in the rain and tracted for 2 hours. We had some good experiences! Most people actually said no. But we got chased by a dog for one of them and i look up and see that it passed me and was chasing sister samataua. ha and so i stopped. nec minute there is a kid standing by us asking us if we are okay. ha we ended us teaching him a bit. super nice kid, erik, who sounds like he is from england but is kiwi! loved it!
we have found an almost new investigator from doing that. We knocked this one door and the lady wasn't interested but said that her husband was. So we went back to meet him the next day and he said that his family has recently joined the church and are urging him to do so and learn. So i'm so excited to teach him. He really wants to learn. His name is fili!
please pray for these people!
This week i learned about keeping my mind focused and centered on the work.
2 ne 9:39
Dc 4
mark 6:22 this one really touched my life! so good
i love you all!
Sister BIrd

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