Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Few Reasons Why I Got Called to the VC

Hello family, can you believe how fast time flies. It's already April... tomorrow.
So this week was pretty crazy! a lot of amazing things happened! ha First off we'll start with Kabuadaak(she is kiribus) we've been trying to teach her english but the only  way we know how is through using the gospel. I kind of felt like we were just forcing the gospel on her. I felt bad. We had an appointment with her on Wednesday morning and we invited a kiribus RM girl from the other ward in our building(she's actually in our ward but goes to the other one). She went and met her before the lesson and Kabuadaak (kah-boo-uh-dak) was going to ditch us and leave the appointment because of three reasons. 1) she didn't really understand what we were teaching her. 2) her husband hates mormons and told her to ditch us and 3) she felt that we were forcing it on her and she's already catholic. So these are reasons why she was going to leave. Ruta, the member, was able to convince her to stay because she was coming to the lesson. She agreed and stayed. The lesson went so great. i just explained to her that we were going to teach her the lesson, becuase i didn't want to trick her by any means. She agreed. I didn't understand comletly of what was said but the spirit was really strong. It was an amazing lesson and such a miracle. The sad part is that Ruta moved this week, so she won't be able to come to anymore of our lessons, so i'm not sure what we are going to do there. Alot of prayers!
The next miracle is that we set Breeze for a baptismal date... dont' get too excited though because we already dropped her date, for now. I think she does want to be baptized but she's letting things easily get in the way. Especially because her parents don't like us. Well her dad doesn't, he always tells us to leave because they are busy, but really they're not dong anything.l maybe we'll just have to serve them hard out and then they'll love us! ha But breeze is amazing. She got into a car accident the end of last year. Part of her skull is missing right now and so she's just recently been diagnosed with epilepsy so her parents won't let her leave with out them. (until she went to lunch this morning with her friends. can't come to church but can go out with her friends... i see how it it;)) ha excuses excuses! She really loves everything that we teach her and she really recognizes the spirit.
The other miracle is that all of our plans fell through for investigators coming to church. We wanted to give up but we decided to go to arohaina's house and see if she wanted to come. We got there and she wasn't home BUT  her younger brother tokowhiti(16) (toko fiti) that we've never met, and his friend jordan(18) were there. We were able to teach them plan of salvation. They had a lot of good questions and they liked it. It was all new to them though. cool experience and also they wanted to come to church (they had nothing else to do). So they came to church! ha honestly worst day to bring young boys to church! ha the topic was family history and the speakers honestly just spilled out all their family that they had researched. It was nothing spiritual whatsoever! and the last speaker went 15 minutes over! i was going to die! sister samataua and i just laughed because we were frustrated. but it was great! ha crack up! can't complain, the Lord blessed us with finding investigators to come to church!
also an inactive that we found a while ago, Mereana Kupa, came to church too! It was so great to have her there. She honestly fit right in. She has some relatives and friends that go to our ward. She is the sweetest maori lady ever. She stopped coming to church because of this big long story of trust issues with this lady telling her husband lies about her and then the bishop got involved and threatened to take her kids out of church college.... it's longer and makes more sense with all the details obviously. But now here she is, after 25 years, she came to church! it was amazing! i love his lady! She connects so well with family history, so i'm convinced that they talks were for her! ha
well, it's been a great week! :)
There is a family that i met at the VC while i was there... the olsens. They have a daughter that is a little person. Do you remember me talking about her? Well we became good friends and the mom is actually my ward mission leaders daughter. i got to see her and one of her daughters this week. It was really exciting to catch up. i just love their family. It was great to see how well we actually click to be able to catch up like we did. What  a great family. i think it's those families i was supposed to meet as to a few reasons that i got called to the VC. i had to meet them. Because they are not in my mission! ha i would never have been able to meet them otherwise! 
                                                 This is a picture of mereana

                                     Angla olsen and kayla. WML daughter and granddaughter.

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