Sunday, June 1, 2014

Let us not just learn[the scriptures] but do them!

I love my companion sister samataua and i am so glad that she was able to meet you and you her and that we were able to share a message with you:) It wasn't the best we've ever worked together but i hope you were able to feel he power of the Holy Ghost in our companionship and as we shared that message with you.
we had stake conference yesterday as well. a special broadcast to all of the new zealanders. Our special speakers were elder Oaks, Bishop Causse, Sister wixom of the primary (i think) and President Monson. How cool is that! ha It was really great. They spoke of so many good things that were just right for the new zealanders to hear. It was a lot to do with proper family home. Husband and a wife. Not partners! ha Everyone here just has partners...they live together and never get married. There were so many good things said but one of the things that stood out to me was from President Monson. I feel that this is the thing that i always learn from him but never master. He told a story of when he was a bishop and on his way somewhere he felt prompted to take a different route rather than his usual. As he did he passed by the house of an inactive members and felt prompted to stop and visit. HE OBEYED THE VOICE OF THE SPIRIT AND STOPPED! Because of that one act he was able to bring them back into full activity. sometimes we are also prompted to do things that we dont' understand why, and because we don't understand we often don't follow it. But i urge you to be like president monson and follow those promptings because only good will come from doing so and you never know who you might save.
This week was a good one, we went and visited Loesja again this weekend and now we are feeling a bit uneasy about her and hoping that we can trust her. Earlier that day she went down to the sita family and asked for more food and nappies (diapers) for her baby. I hope that she doesn't take advantage of them. i feel bad we pulled them into the situation. They told her she needed to come to church for them to continue to help her. she agreed, so we'll see how that goes. We actually found out that she is a member and was baptized when she was 18 or so. but she didn't tell us that when she first saw us.. we are not sure what to believe right now. still love her and her kids tho. We went around and knocked some doors and they said that she begs almost every day.... not sure what she is doing with the money that she does have... may the Lord bless her.
This week we set the kids that came to church last week for baptism. This is Roxanne and her family. Roxanne wants to be baptized too but she is still living with her partner. not really sure about their relationship, because they don't love or trust one another. but the kids Asheigh, esvarano and cody-rae are all getting baptized on the 21 June. it's exciting! :) We probably won't be here but it's all good. I am excited for them. 
Jordon is doing good but he could use some prayers. 
There is this inactive that we found a couple of weeks ago. His name is pita and the day we met him was the day he moved into his wives sisters back house (while his wife is in rehab). It was a miracle that we found him. As we worked with him he expressed his sincere desire to raise his little boys up in the gospel and his desire to quick smoking and drinking. we were able to help him get a start on that and then he fasted and prayed for help. He was drug free for 2 weeks and then things started to happen between him and his wife and he got angry and went back to it all. He told us that he was lying to us and we were wasting our time. It was sad. he didn't change his mind. Please pray for him. He'snot in the right mindset. I hope he's alright. It's crazy how we can be doing so well and then satan steps in extra hard and things go down hill fast. If this has happened to you, please come back . Know that God knows that we have weaknesses, we will all fall short at some point but the Savior is always the only way to come back. come to the savior and be healed. 
I know God lives, i know he loves me. I know he hears me and he answers when i pray. I know his son, is my redeemer and that he died for me that i might live eternally one day. (song of testimony). I know that these things are true.Mosiah 4:10 "and if ye believe all these things, see that you do them".  We learn things each and every day, from the scriptures, from church. Let us not just learn them but do them:) 
Love you all
Sister Bird

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