Sunday, June 1, 2014

I know that the Lord loves his children. He loves us:)

Yesterday we went to the Marae(this is where the moari's go to have their funerals and wait for the spirit of the deceased to leave). It was a great experience. Our mission president wanted us to learn more about the culture of our people so that we could connect with them better. We learned how significant "mountains" are not only to the Lord but to the people as well. All cultures all over the world have a sacred mountain, even us and our temples have been even built on the mountains. It was really neat to learn all that we did about the background and culture of our people here.
So we have some great news about Roxanne and her family. They are doing great, so great that they are probably worn out of church activities. They been going since Thursday seeing us and having activities everyday! ha crazy! We had lessons with them on thursday, stopped by on friday, had sinner and a lesson with them on saturday, went to church and had an evening fireside with them on sunday, and had a big family home evening at the stanfords on monday or yesterday. They are really progressing and loving everything that they are involved and everything that they are learning. My love for them is certainly growing. As i watched them participate at the family home evening last night i just smiled because i love them:)
Jordon spoke at the fireside. It was good to hear him share his testimony and experience of meeting us. He did a great job:) He has been struggling a bit lately. HIs mom and step dad have been fighting and he doesn't like to be at home. He's felt a bit lonely at church and church activities...he doesn't have a true friend. He has lots of friends but not someone who will listen to him, understand him and help him like he needs. He says we are his closest friends... NO!!!  He needs a lasting friend is the ward and i am worried for him when we leave. 
Transfers are next week, i sure do hope i stay. i wouldn't mind being in tuakau for 6 months all together. It would be nice. i would even be ok to stay with sister samataua. i love her. 

I know that the Lord loves his children. He loves us:)
I read D&C 138 this morning. It was a mean chapter, it talks about what happens in the spirit world and how the spirits in prison get taught:) so cool!
How has your study of preach my gospel been going? Lately i've learned so much from preach my gospel i love it. If you wanna know how to work with the missionaries then please read ch 13 and help them. We need your help, we honestly can't do it without the support of the members. Go out to lessons with them, go on tradeoffs to visit people. fellowship the new faces at church and help them feel comfortable and have true friends. This is the work of salvation:) let's do it together. I promise you that if you do it, the Lord will help you do it and bless you for it:) It's a great work and brings much happiness. I am so grateful for all the help that the Stanfords give us. They really are helping us almost everyday and providing opportunities for our investigators to be fellow-shipped and having activities to come to. What a great blessing they are. 
I love this work and i am excited to push myself even further this week to be an even more effective missionary for the Lord and his work. He needs it and i need it. 
I know that gospel is true. Yesterday at FHE we watched an old film called "mans search for happiness". It was really cheesy but i felt the spirit testify to me so strongly that it is true. We really did live with God before as spirits, he loves us so much and he created this world just for us. Even though it seems hard and treacherous now, he has a great plan in store for us to be happy now and in eternity. i am so grateful for this knowledge. I love my savior Jesus Christ, for without him we would be nothing and have nothing. He is everything.:)
I love you. Have a great week
Sister BIrd

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