Monday, June 30, 2014

"let the future be as bright as your faith"

Hello Family,
I've had a hard week. It's been a hard week for many reasons but what it all came down to was that i was thinking more about myself than others. I was being selfish and not charitable.
We had a lot of good things happen and i want to focus on that rather than on the bad... ha ha
I will share with you what has made me sad recently. There came a time when i felt that i was on top of the world. Things were going great in our area, we were teaching heaps of families who were all progressing nicely, coming to church, working together. But then satan came into the picture, some started to doubt, some weren't sure in the first place, some gave up because its too hard. I was getting depressed and sad about all the bad things happening that i had a hard time wanting to do the work. This is because i lost my focus as a servant of the Lord. I thought about myself, i wanted people to pitty me and encourage me to keep going, but they did not. I decided i better try and fix it on my own, get out of the hole i felt i was in. So yesterday i was reading about charity. 1 corinthians 13:1-8 focus on vs 5.. this scripture was like a spiritual slap to the face. I was not possessed of charity at all. I was being opposite of all of what vs 5 said.. " [charity]...doth not behave itself unseemingly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil.." i thought to myself, wow what a selfish girl i am. ha But i am so glad that i read it because it has straightened me right out! ha i am feeling so much happier and am able to face our challenges with a more positive attitude and a brighter hope. "let the future be as bright as your faith" really is a true statement. If we are not bright or our faith is dimm, then neither is our future.
The good things that happened is that i was able to help Jordon with what i studied. He's been struggling lately as well and really has been just putting along and going through the motions. But i am so grateful that i went through something similar so that i could help him get out of his hole too. It'll be a work in progress but i do believe that we go through some experiences to help others get through theirs as well.
Some of the good things that happened this week is that our Investigator richard has experienced a true change of heart. He wants this change in his life, he's ready to stop being naughty and to stop all sorts of drugs etc. It was truly amazing. I am so grateful for people like him who decide to change because they realize that they aren't happy and they know that there has got to be something better out there... and there is. The gospel!
Another great thing that happened this week is that we were finally able to do tradeoffs with the ward. What this is, is that my companion and i split up and go with a women from our ward to visit our investigators and less actives. This is such a great tool, i greatly encourage you to make the time to do it. The lord will bless you. This provides a great opportunity for the ward member to fellowship the LA and investigator and increases the chance of them coming to church. It's awesome. :)
We are working with the great kiribus family. They are members of the church but have gone less active, they recently converted a few years ago. But i have grown to love them so much over these past (almost) 6 months. wow, they are such a great family. There little is the one who was baptized a few weeks ago. But the mom is coming back strong and being a great example for her family. Last night when we went over, we had them start to teach us kiribus and we learned a song in kiribus. I"ll send you the video of them singing it a few weeks ago. But it was cool to see how much more they opened up to us when we took the time to get to know them and understand their culture a bit more. :) We played this funny game where you stand in a circle and sing and clap your hand(and they sing something in kribus) and then you stop and say "what is your name" and point at one. Then that person has to go in the middle and say "my name is... chicken (or some animal) and then act it out all funny and make the noise of that animal. It is so funny!:) i was a snake! the dad does the best monkey! you have got to see it. i'll try to send the one that they did without us because unfortunately we didn't record the one we did last night. You would love their family. I was actually thinking last night what it would be for my family to be here with this family. ha
The mission really is great! I love my companion, she is so funny! ha
I can't believe my birthday is coming up and i'll be 21!! what? the age 21 here is a big deal... they celebrate it huge. It's the key to your life and they give you a key. some of them are quite cool. I would be so honored to receive on here. If i get transferred i decided i probably won't tell anyone that it's my birthday but if i stay i presume i'll have a little party! who know's.... it'll probably be the other way around!
well i love you all. a year sure has gone by fast,.
love sister BIrd

p.s. we went golfing last monday with the Daji's. They are members of our ward. It was quite cool. ha i didn't do so bad. i was so close to getting a par.. but then it turned into 5 more putts... ha 

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