Thursday, March 20, 2014

This Week Has Been a Good One

This week has been a good one. It was really long thinking back on it! We did so many things that seemed days apart but really were only a day apart and by the end of the week the things we did on thursday felt like last week. I got a bit homesick this week because for transfers we had to take a sister to the airport. It was time for her to go home. She stayed with us and worked with us for two days before she left. Her name is sister Pea and she is from tahiti. She is an amazing sister and i learned so much from her. the main things i learned is to teach with the spirit. Seriously this sister was filled with the spirit. It was amazing. Ever since being  around her i want to be like that. i want people to see the spirit in me when they look at me. so that has been my goal this week. it started with actually teaching with the spirit. i haven't been so good at that but i have definitely seen the progress since i've been focused on it. As i was studying another sister's preach my gospel this week it said "how can i know if the investigator felt the spirit in the lesson... ? did i feel inspired and uplifted from the lesson?" i have been using this question in every lesson i go into. it truly makes a difference when the spirit is there. Before i would say things because no one was talking but now i wait until the spirit helps me know what to say and it has made all the difference. i am not perfect at it, nor will i probably ever be but i love feeling the way i do when the spirit was in the lesson because it motivates the person to want to change and repent on their own.
Something i actually studied this morning was the temple. There was a talk in the october 2013 ensign called 'making time for the temple'. it really opened my eyes of how much i miss going so frequently. My desire to go to the temple increased and also my desire to share with others the blessings of the temple. Please go to the temple. it is there for a reason, the Lord has it to bless us and the lives of others. I come closer to the Savior as i attend the temple and we all need that bond with him. i'm  not saying that it's the only way to bond with him but it's a great way. The prophets have instructed us to attend to please "make time for the temple" in your lives. 
Our investigators are progressing, slowly, but they are progressing. Something that we are going to strive to do this week is daily contact with our investigators. As we do this then they will progress faster because we are seeing them more and they are remembering the commitments that we asked them to do. And as they keep their commitments they will come closer to heavenly father and desire to repent. Please pray that this will work or that i can think of something else that will work. 
John and Gina wanted to stick with their moari religion that the moari kings started. We taught John yesterday on his porch because he kept blowing us off. We asked him if he would rather follow his moari king or Jesus Christ. We taught him the restoration right there and he said Jesus Christ. We invited him to pray about it. i hope he does! i hope he sincerely wants to know and follow Jesus Christ because it will make all the difference in his life. 
This week we had to prepare ourselves for a cyclone, or tornado, that his vanuatu and came to New Zealand. It didn't hit us directly but we got the edges of the storm. It wasn't bad for us at all but it was kind of scary thinking that it was close or could get us. We were out in the rainy weather getting soaked. we came for lunch and i through my clothes and coat in the dryer, finished lunch and put them back on. it was kind of exciting!!!:) 
ok so for transfers, i am still in Tuakau with sister samamtaua! But the best news is that sister prince and her trainee replaced the other sisters in our WARD! my best friend is in the same ward as me and i am so excited!!!! :) i couldn't be more happy than to have her so close. i learn so much from her still. she is such a good example of hard work and obedience. love her! so blessed. i feel that president made a mistake in putting us so close! it's amazing! :) not a mistake as in it will be a bad thing, i actually think it'll make me work harder.
Well, i'm not sure what else to say...
we had a great lesson with kaitz this week. He's coming around. Kaitz is like 26 i think and he is moari. this is where i started practicing teaching with the spirit, so much that i didn't really let my companion speak because i was so excited at how it felt.... :( i feel bad for that. But a cool part of the lesson happened when we pulled out the cards and did a card trick. He lost the deal and agreed to taking lessons and praying about what we taught him. He was actually excited and keen to try it. He said everything we said  we made sound so good and he wants a change in his life. He excited yet nervous for the change. but i am so excited to teach him! 
anyway. great things are happening! i am always happy:)
this week we are studying the atonement, join us:)
The little bit i've already studied my testimony of Jesus Christ has grown so much. I love Jesus Christ, i know he is my savior. I know he made it possible for me to receive a forgiveness of my sins, for me to be free of guilt from my mistakes and for me to live again. What a glorious blessing. Truly Jesus Christ has given us all. i am so thankful! What is your testimony of Jesus Christ? please share it!:)
love ya 
sister Bird

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