Thursday, March 20, 2014

Trasnfers are This Week.

My goal this week is to be more consistent with people, to show them that i love them and build there testimony so that they have the desire to be baptized and ask us to be baptized because they love God rather than us asking them and dragging them to the font. Any ideas?
Although those are the negative things going through my mind, i want you to know that God still shows  his love for us by putting little miracles in our every day life. Just to have to opportunity to talk with someone and have a good conversation is a blessing or rather tender mercy of the Lord. Meeting someone else that lives in a house that someone on the street told you that that is where they lived. I'm trying to always think in my head that there are no coincidences. God places each person in our lives for a reason. 
A really neat experience that i want to share this week is with Turia Thompson. We met her when we were just leaving a house and we saw her getting in her car in the back car park ( parking lot) of a shop (store). i wasn't going to go talk to her because of fear and inconvenience but i decided to anyway. She said that her uncle was a member and had been talking to her about it and that we could come around and teach her more about the book of mormon and meet her uncle. so we did! All of our appointments with her would always fall through or get cancelled and it was disappointing. But when we did catch her a few times we would share a scripture and we have had one official lesson with her about the book of mormon. The other day we stopped by and she said that she's been reading it here and there. i invited to her to pray to know if it's true and shared my testimony of how the spirit can speak to us and that she will receive her answer. she called us that night around 10 pm and she was so excited. She said that she received an answer when she prayed. She had this overwhelming feeling of joy come over her and with out a doubt she knew that the book of mormon was true. Ever since that moment she hasn't let the book out of her sight. she is always reading it and actually this week her faith in it and in God was put to the test. She got a call from her landlord saying that her rent hadn't been paid for 3 weeks and that if they didn't pay that day that they would be kicked out of the house by 5. she read that book, prayed and called people all morning. She had faith that God would help her through it. In the end she was able to get the  money and everything worked out. I know that her faith is so strong. She maintained a positive attitude through it all . she is now struggling with her partner... hope things go well. she has a lo of faith. please pray for her, i see this going somewhere.:)
John and Gina have back away a bit. We need to have more daily contact with them so we don't lose them. There uncle told them to go to a moari church and be baptized in their roots. That's the direction they are going but i'm hoping that you putting their name in the temple helps, i have faith that it will, it already had.
Transfers is this week. We should find out today or tomorrow if we get moved. not sure what will happen. i feel a change coming, sadly.. i really love my area and i love my companion! But i will always do whatever the Lord asks.
I am so grateful that i decided to serve a mission. It is definitely the best choice i've ever made. I am not perfect and still have heaps to learn but i feel that i've come a long way.
 i love you all:)

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