Thursday, March 6, 2014

I love this gospel! Share it! Everyone needs it!

So things have been going alright. The sad part i've noticed is that i am declining in my expectations of myself and that the Lord expects of me especially as a leader. But thank goodness there is repentance and always improvement opportunities. I am grateful i can recognize, reevaluate and change. 
This week was actually a very fun week! I'm going to point out some fun things that happened...
so there is this guy that we've been trying to find time to teach. The other day we got a random call of someone who found his wallet and found our card and number in it. They called us because it said sister on it with out number! ha so we got it from that man and were able to give it to zion, the guy we are trying to teach! He was so excited he hugged us, i was not okay with that! ha But it was cool to see someone so happy! 
Another cool thing that happened this week is that we found a family who wants to be baptized! They want a change in their lives and they are so keen to learn! We invited them to be baptized and they agreed but then we talked to them this morning and their uncle convinced them of going back to their roots and getting baptized in that church, a mauri church. they are still keen to learn. Please pray for them and pray that they will be able to feel the spirit when we teach and that they will be able to give up their addictions. They want to but it's so hard! this is john and gina and their daughter callais (callay). I love them so much! They are great!
this week we also taught the youth boys again! i love stopping by when they are in the streets training and teaching them randomly. We did an object lesson on prayer and had them try to tie a knot without letting go of the rope. One knew how to do it but everyone else tried and they couldn't. The way to do it is to fold your arms, hold onto the rope with each hand and unfold your arms and then it ties it. It was cool. We related it to how we all go through struggles but the way to do it is through prayer. the only way you could tie this rope was in the prayer stance! ha it was cool! i love those boys! 
Arohaina is doing well. We've invited her to be baptized many times now and she is so nervous. She came to a baptism the other day with us to see what it was like and it calmed a lot of her fears but i think there is still something deep down thats bothering her and i think she doesn't know how to put it into words. she wants to be baptized but not soon. 
Exchanges with the sisters have been really great! i've been learning how to be a better leader and such and i've also been learning good skills from them. 
this sunday i bore my testimony...i didn't say much but this is what i had been thinking about.
I am so grateful that i chose to get baptized in this church. It was probably the best decision i've ever made. and the second best decision i've ever made is to go on a mission. I am so grateful that i chose to serve a mission. i love it! i love my savior Jesus Christ, i know he lives! i love to follow him:)
This is my testimony! i also know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and i'm so grateful to have this knowledge. I know the true teachings of Jesus christ have been restored to the earth through Joseph Smith under the direction of Jesus Christ. i love this gospel!
share it! everyone needs it!
love you all!
Sister Bird

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