Sunday, February 16, 2014

I love my mission. I am learning a lot and enjoying every moment!

i cant even believe that another week has gone by. i feel as though i was in this very chair at this internet cafe just yesterday not a week ago! i love my new area. the people there are so wonderful and kind. It's interesting the different responses you get from people. Some don't know who we are, some do, some don't want a word to come out of out mouths! ha but we go with it and try and declare the word to everyone! I want to be as obedient as possible and i've noticed as i do that then i am happy. My companion shared with me and she has never been so happy on her mission. she feels it's because we are always being exactly obedient and looking for ways to be obedient. i' think that is really cool. i love talking with everyone about the gospel. We found 5 new investigators this week, that was exciting. i just hope that we will be able to progress with them and do it right. Not sister birds way but the Lords way with the spirit. It's really cool what happens with the spirit there. 
Each night we come home knackered(exhausted, it's a word they use here for that) ha i love it! you know you worked hard when you come home feeling that way. 
We ate at the bishops this week and they introduced us to dessert crapes. We put nutella, icecream, bananas, custard and then maple syrup. It was pretty good! i would've liked it better without the nutella because i don't like that stuff. but my companion went crazy on it and her stomach was sore for a while. ha she took some home and had some for lunch the next day! crack up.
yesterday sister Samataua matched all day! it was fun. whenever people said something she would act surprised like she didn't know! crack up.
Being a sister training leader is amazing  [ly hard]!!!! I have a problem with coming off wrong and people don't like me for that. i'm concerned about how to gain the trust of the sisters when they don't like me. they judge me before they know me and they judge me based off of what others have said of me previous of them actually getting to know me. It's a bit discouraging. But through this discouraging time, i've had a great companion to help me out first of all and second ive been able to walk a bit of the path the savior walked. Think of how many people didn't like him. Think of how many didn't like him before they even got to know him, they judged him based on what they heard from others and they never took the opportunity to get to know the true him nor did they want to. on top of this Jesus was betrayed by his friends, denied, spit on, whipped, beaten, despised, slapped, yelled at, bruised and crucified. if i  put myself in his shoes with just my companion betraying me or not sticking up for me i would be so down. But christ on top of that went through so much more. And then he still loved those people. i't so hard for me to completely love these sisters when they don't like me. i try so hard but you can just tell they don't like you... ya know. i don't know how christ did it without shedding tears.. maybe he did. i love christ for what he did. i now understand more of what he truly went through because i can relate. i can still love even those who hate me because christ does.
dont' worry about me i really am doing fine, i just thought i'd share with you what i've learned already through my experiences. 
  a few of the sisters who didn't like me finally took a leap of faith and asked for my help. it was amazing to be able to help them and fulfill my calling. some wanted to go home, some wanted to kill themselves. it was amazing to see the spirit work through me:) i love this work!
There is a group of kids 21 and down that this guy has started a youth group with through his organized church. He meets with them everyday to lift weights and play rugby to get them off the streets. it's so cool. so we talked with him about sharing a message with those kids and we did the other day. we started off with some games and card tricks. it was fun and then we shared a message. we then told them if they ever see us on the street to say hi. so this past week we've run into them or seen them 3 times so far and we hear from a distance "hey sisters!!" and there they are calling out to us. it was way cool! i love it! i think we have potential with these kids.
One of our new investigators had just lost his leg. His name is mana. He is 21 and now either in a wheel chair or on crutches. We think he might just actually have a crush on us.. its weird so we are going to bring members to his lessons now. So we showed him how to pray at the end of the lesson and we pointed to the part in the pamphlet that gave examples of how to pray and so he started the closing prayer "dear heavenly father(he then began to read what the pamphlet said) address your heavenly father" sister samataua just started laughing so hard! and because she was laughing i started to laugh. Poor guy. but after we taught him better he still ended up saying the prayer. ha we taught him the plan of salvation and at the end we were asking questions to see if he understood. So we said what did adam and eve eat that allowed them to have children. and he said "animals... humans..... oh oh seafood!" hahahahahahaha i don't even know where he got that! obviously he wasn't paying attentionl. i'm pretty sure he was lost in our eyes and i don't know if he is all there... ha it was a funny experience!
Well family i sure love you! i love my mission. i am learning a lot and enjoying every moment!

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