Sunday, September 29, 2013

The answer is YES!

So this week has been great but rather crazy!! ha 
So your all asking did i get transferred, do i have a new companion, am i still in the VC, did the baptism go through????
The answer to all of those questions is YES!!!!
Your probably wondering why i seem so enthused but that is because the Lord has bless me tremendously. I was serving in Nawton last transfer and it was double covered by us and a set of elders. Now i am in an area called Tuhikaramea. I stayed in the same flat and now i can walk to my area so we don't have a car. i am still in the VC and training the new VC sister! She is wonderful. Her name is sister Prince and i couldn't have asked for a better companion. She is just like me when i came out in the mission field. She has such a desire to do such good work and be prepared for everyone and it's quite refreshing actually. We laugh together all the time and are constantly trying to improve and see what we can do better and i love it. We are out here to bring people into the light of the gospel and closer to Christ and if we are not willing to change then what is the point. So i am glad that we improve each day. 
Sister Prince is from West Bountiful, Utah. The typical american state that everyone here asks if we are from!! She is beautiful and she is 19. Her birthday is oct 27 so she'll be turning 20 in our companionship. She is truly inspiring and we get along well:)
For the last question, yes the baptism wen through and it was so beautiful. With the help of the ward members that we brought to the lessons all turned out great. Pauline looked so beautiful. She looked like she was ready to enter the temple and she just glowed:) She was so excited. Her son came late and we asked if she wanted us to wait for him and she said "no, it's okay darling. This is important, i need to be baptized" or something like that. it just touched my heart. She then said "he'll come, he'll come" He ended up showing up right after that. And we were able to start. I gave a talk on the holy ghost and it was great. i felt good about it and i could feel the spirit in the room. Then she was baptized. She was so happy! She said it felt so good. I cried a little because i was so happy for her and it's going to change her life. I think her son will listen and hopefully be baptized. After the baptism i sang "when i am baptized" for her.
I am so blessed to have been the missionary to bring the gospel into Paulines life. It has brought me so much joy to see her have so much joy:) I never thought i would have a baptism in my first transfer.:)
So this transfer is going to be 8 weeks instead of 6 because we are catching up on getting the transfer dates accurate with the other mission. We messed it up somehow. 
So this week was the first time i have ever road my bike... and in a skirt. It was actually quite fun and we both enjoyed it. We felt like real missionaries! ha It's definitely fast to use the bike but it's always awkward to get off and talk to someone. We stalked someone the other day. WE got off the bike to talk to her and followed her and never caught up to her to talk tot her. We tried but we found she had earbuds in. ha it was a funny story. Sister Prince and i laugh at ourselves all day. The weird experiences we encounter. It's fun to laugh a lot.
Yesterday we were talking to people on the street and i felt prompted to knock on this door that we passed. i wasn't going to turn around but i decided to. As we talked with the man at the door he told us he wasn't interested but i never stop there. i ask them if they believe in God and then i asked him what it would mean to him if the gospel of Jesus Christ was restored. He said he would have to see it to believe it. i explained that we must ask God for questions like that. God has never just shown someone without faith first, so we cant expect to see things like that. We gave him the restoration pamphlet and invited him to read and pray about it. he said we could come back next Sunday to meet with him. I'm not sure if he is legitimately interested but it was cool to see the conversation turn around and have him kind of accept it. I'm anxious to see how it goes but more importantly i'm glad i followed my prompting. We will never regret following the promptings of the spirit but we always regret the ones we don't follow.
Sister Bird, Pauline, Sister Prince

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