Saturday, September 21, 2013

A hint of the hard....with great blessings.

So this week was hard for me, I didn't feel like working, like talking to people or anything. It was hard and stupid. Then I sat down and thought about how ineffective I was being and how I wanted to be more diligent. So I studied diligence and how that is a Christ like quality and I needed it. I felt like I was just wasting time. I didn't like thinking that I was doing that and wanted to change. So after I studied diligence and learned that I am out here to bring souls to Christ and I need to put everything I have into the work because that is what Christ would want me to do and what he would do, I started to change. The next morning I studied charity and love and I realized that I did not have it. Without charity, faith and hope which recently I've had none of, I am nothing. I was doing no good because I felt inside that no one would accept or want to hear my message. It was an awful thing to think of. I realized that to have charity you care so deeply for the people that it hurts your heart to know that they don't have the knowledge of the gospel and can't be saved. I prayed and pleaded with the Lord for forgiveness of my thoughts and omitting actions. I already have grown to love the people so much more. I think about them 90% of my day now and how I can help them where before I would rarely think of them. Things have changed and the Lord is already starting to help us. The day that sister Simkins and I talked about this and decided to change and help each other and ask the Lord for help and forgiveness, we received much success that day. We received two new investigators, I was speaking with the spirit and being guided by the spirit. It was amazing to see these blessings from the Lord in my life. I was directed who to bring to our lessons and it was the perfect person, I was directed which of the ward members should go over and help the elders give our investigator a blessing (we couldn't be there because we were at the visitors center) and it was just who and what she needed because he had been through similar experiences. I was directed to knock on a specific door(first one of the day) and we were let in, I was given what to say to our investigators in a lesson, we were directed to teach our investigator about tithing and we ended up teaching the gospel principles class on tithing because someone asked us to give it on that topic instead. The Lord has prepared and given us so many amazing opportunities. I am so grateful to be a part of the Lords work and see his hand in all things.

By the way... one of my favorite cereals 
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