Sunday, September 22, 2013

I'm so excited about an upcoming baptism

23 September 2013
So I’m getting pretty excited!! Pauline’s baptism is this weekend on Saturday at 11! I’m so happy for her. She was so prepared and loves the gospel so much already! She wants to get to the temple! We’ve been meeting with her every day and will up until her baptism. I am so excited. I can’t even believe this is real. The scary thing is that transfers are on Thursday and we don’t know who will stay and who will go. I hope at least one of us can be there to support her. I can’t believe I actually, already have a baptism. It’s my first transfer. I don’t really feel like it was me though, it was definitely the Lord. He did it all.

-Sister Simkin's and I are getting really close and I am getting sad at even the thought of us being separated. I will miss her heaps. I will also miss this area a ton. I have gotten so used to the area and the people, just the atmosphere. It will be weird to change but I’ll do it if I’m asked. I trust my mission president and I trust the Lord. He knows what I need. I truly do love the area though. Yes, I do feel like it’s slow sometimes but that’s my fault. I need to get out and work harder to find people. The elders in our ward/area just found 2 new investigators and they have baptismal dates. So it is possible in any area.
I really do love missionary work but honestly sometimes I just don’t feel like doing it. Some days I have to force myself to get out there and talk to people. But I know when I feel like that it’s the adversary tempting me and that means that something great is going to happen and he doesn’t want it to. I hate how I have to consistently try to have charity, as in the circumstance where I want to go out all day and serve and talk to people. I just wish that desire was there. But where would be the learning in that? It is hard to go out and be rejected all day, but when you do find that one who will not only listen but who accepts it and wants to know more, then it becomes worth it. But recently I’ve found joy in just bearing my testimony to people. I’ve thought so many times ‘what more can I say that will help them feel something and want to know more’, what am I not saying. It must just sound like a nice fairy tale to have forever families. It’s interesting because we’ll share that and ask them if they want it and they say yes. Then we ask them if we can come back and share more and they say no. very contradicting. Ha I guess they don’t know what they want. ;P 
I am happy. I  love sharing the gospel. My testimony has grown heaps. As I share it each day I realize how much I not only believe but find comfort in knowing. I never realized how much of a blessing it is to be brought up in the gospel. The same church that Jesus Christ established when he was on the earth is now on the earth again and I am a member of it. That is so incredible!!! Who wouldn’t want to be a member of his church? Who wouldn’t want the many blessings that are promised and seen? I love it, I love this gospel with all my heart and find so much joy in being obedient to it and in doing the best in life that I can to please my Heavenly Father.

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