Saturday, November 30, 2013

I've been out for 4 months already!

Kia Ora! I so love love love my mission! i love teaching people, i love sharing my testimony with them. It all makes me so happy!!! People don't always accept it and that's hard because you know how much it's going to bless their life but you need to trust that they are in God's hands and he'll take care of them. He has a plan for them. We had a missionary fireside last night (which Casey spoke at- and did amazing). We had been inviting heaps of people and did our last check around before it started. Almost everyone, less actives and nonmembers came. It was so amazing. I know that so many were touched. Our relief society were supposed to invite a less active or a non member to come with them. One of our favorite members, who lives just down the road from us (Michelle Horsecroft) and she always feeds us. She takes good care of us. Anyway she brought her neighbor she's been getting to know and as she walked in the chapel and the relief society was singing prelude and she started crying and said that she could feel the spirit of the Lord there. It was so neat!!:) Also Chael texted us yesterday morning and said that he wasn't going to come to church anymore, he wasn't going to meet with us. His intention of coming to church wasn't to find God but to make good wholesome friends. We left it at that and visited him after church. We decided he can't tell us off over text... ha So when we visited him we found that he was having struggles with family and friends criticizing him for coming to the Mormon church, and that he just wanted the friends. We assured him that it would be ok and that he had already made some good friends in our ward. Come to church to see them etc. We re invited him to the fireside last night and told him Paul and Matt would be there and he would be able to chill with them. he agreed to it and honestly it worked out so well. Those men in our ward took him under their wings are i think it's going to work out. It'll take time before he joins the church but he has a good foot in:) The cool thing is that we were running out of time to make it to all these houses on time but i felt prompted that we needed to stop at chaels house. So we did and it turned out so well. I love heavenly father:) He helps things work out so well. Ps Sister Prince and i are staying together for transfers and in the same area. i think we will be together the next transfer too because it's in the middle of the Christmas lights tours at the vc. so hopefully we will:) Elder Mclachlan asked president if he could try the best not to switch out the sisters during that time since it was so busy with the lights and tours etc for Christmas. so we have high hopes that I'll stay one transfer longer!!! so excited:) I am so happy! i honestly am loving my mission right now:) things are going well, not perfect but we must have faith that they will turn out for our good! How did the challenge go of following the prompting of the spirit? i love you heaps and hope all is well! i can't believe Christmas is a month away today and also i've been out for 4 months exactly yesterday!! crazy! love you Sister Bird

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