Sunday, December 1, 2013

Special Request.... pray for our investigators

Hello again!! Wow another week already come and gone, i honestly can't believe how fast missions are. It's unreal how fast time flies by!! So Saturday we had an international dinner with the ward. The ward was supposed to invite nonmembers and less active to come. Oh boy did they ever. We had like 20 NM there and about 10 less actives or so. It was incredible! Sister Prince and i had so many people to talk to, it was almost overwhelming but so good. Such a good turn out and it was a fun activity. So many different kinds of food, i couldn't choose what i wanted. And being the missionary i had to do more talking than eating, so we didnt really have time to try everything or really much at all. But that doesn't matter because some cool things happened at the dinner. We were able to get an appointment to teach some and also a lady asked the bishop if she could be a member of his congregation. We certainly are going to have some people to teach and i can only pray that it'll go through. That being said please pray for clare, squire, and yvonne! I love our ward so much. they truly and doing a great job in helping us do the work! ok so for the ward party we wanted to dress up because we were in the indian group. So we went to the indian less actives in our ward and borrowed some clothes(we've been working with them) and invited them to come. As we tried on the clothes we didn't know if we really should wear these if there were gong to be a lot of NM there but we took it anyway. So she put it in to a bag for us and then grabbed her perfume and sprayed like 10 squirts in it, the whole time i was raising my voice saying "oh no, stop, thats good, thank you , STOP!!" Ha i didn't want to smell like that. So then she turned the perfume at me as though she didn't understand that we didn't want it and she tried to spray it on me and i did the same but worse" NO, STOP, I'M GOOD, NO NO NO NO NO" ha it was quite a funny sight. she just smiled and continued onto sister prince who didn't freak out as bad but implied a no. ha what a funny experience. We didn't end up wearing the clothes to the dinner because we didn't feel it appropriate but we put them on later as you can see in the picture!
Some awesome members in our ward dressed up as Mexicans and it was great!! We love them and they are great fellow shippers and go with us to teach! So last week Chael said he didn't want to be taught by us anymore and then he texted us again and said he did. he is more willing now. He's had a lot of family opposition. I know it'll be hard but he will find God:) We had zone conference this week in which i learned so much. We first discussed the first point that it brings up to teach in preach my gospel. How so many of us just pass by it 'to get to the good stuff" like Joseph smith. The first point is "God is our loving Heavenly Father". This talks about who God is. Everyone's perception of God is different and we are fortunate to know that he is literally our father, he has a literal body of flesh and bone like us. No one out there truly knows that. We need to make sure they understand who he is. That he cares about us because he is our father, he wants us to be happy, he wants us to have success in this life. We taught this to chael and so far it has made it easier for him to pray. It was way cool:) He imagined God as a spirit or an essence in everything. Its so important that they understand God's true character. Why would we want to return to God if her was just some essence. He is human but Godly!! He is perfect, all knowing, all loving, i love him so much and am truly grateful for him, for his love and for the promises that he makes and keeps when we do our part. I love my mission! i am so happy here and i wouldn't trade this experience for anything. I know i won't always be this happy, i'm gonna have hard times on my mission but it's up to me whether i am happy or not! I found i am truly happy when i am being obedient, when i am sharing the gospel with other and bearing my testimony. That is what i came here to do. I didn't come here to be scared, shy and sit in my flat. I came here to teach, to testify of the living reality of the son of God, to testify that his true church has been restored to the earth, the commandments that he gives us are a safe haven, to keep us happy in this life. Truly obeying the commandment will make you truly happy, they are not a hindrance but a blessing! i love them:) strive to always obey them, read and study the scriptures every day so that you can have that armor on to help you choose the right. It's SO IMPORTANT!! cool story this week is that we taught someone during exercise time! ha funny story! We ran into him on the street a couple of weeks ago. He was interested and sincerely wanted us to come by, so he gave us his info. We went later and the person there said that he didn't live there, so we called the number and it was the same voice as the one at the door and they said the same thing. I was so bothered by this. Anyway, we moved on and forgot about it. So we randomly decided to ride our bikes the other day, which we never do. And we took a route that we never do and we passed this house of the guy i just mentioned. He was outside and it looked like the one we ran into on the street. So i turned around and went and talked to him . It was him, Jason, and we were able to teach him a lesson that morning and make a return appointment. We prayed with him outside his house and after we were done he mentioned that he was feeling something different. He had chills and it felt nice. We explained that those were feelings from God. We taught him about the holy ghost. It was so cool!! I've never done that before. I was weird teaching in exercise clothes but so worth it! He did say, " it's a little early don't you think" I reassured him that we only stopped because we knew him:) ha funny. I'm excited to teach him. He already had a Book of Mormon that he had been trying to read. So we explained it to him and he's already to Mosiah. So cool! love you all! Sister Bird

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