Saturday, November 30, 2013

So I am now officially starting to love my mission-Nov 11

How are things going over in America? So i am now officially starting to love my mission. Honestly it depends on the day but the past fews days, I've loved being out and talking with people. I've loved the lessons that we've had. Our investigators are really growing and it's so cool to see the fruit of our labors. We met a few new people who are really interested. One is Chael (like kale from the words Michael.. idk) anyway he is awesome. He is 31 and recently just kicked his addictions of drugs and alcohal. He said he finally feels free. He's lonely tho because all of his "friends" he had before aren't his true friends and so he's basically starting a new life. I can't even imagine what that would be like. Living life just to get to your next fix so that you feel good again and then thinking the friends you have really care about you. Letting that all go and coming to find out how awesome life really is with out it and not have any friends... hard. He's great tho, he believes in God indirectly but is so willing to find him for himself and not through others. We had an awesome lesson with him last night, the spirit was so strong and the members that we brought to the lesson were perfect! (if you ever have a chance to go with the missionaries to teach, do it. it is so helpful and worth it. ask the missionaries for the opp to they know your willing to help) Sister Prince told me of an awesome quote that she heard it's "I am merely a spectator. I make the action that God leads me to do and then i watch the Lord work miracles" i love that! That's exactly what i want to be. Sometimes i forget to be humble and give the credit to the Lord, i just think how awesome it was and how strong the spirit was, but really he is converting, not me! i am merely a spectator..:) Casey is doing great! She is getting baptized on Saturday and it's so cool! I'm so excited and so is she! She went to church at her other ward and she loved it this time! We made up a word for awesomer than awesome and it's mantis. I forgot how she made it up.. i think it came from saying "man" like man thats awesome, but just turned into mantis. So she said that her day was manits, which is a good sign! She is really amazing and i learn so much from her. She is so nice to everyone, reaches out to all in her presence that she can. I just want to be like her. She belives in treating everyone, no matter what or who, like they are important to her. It's amazing. This week was so awesome:) The ward is really starting to work with us, help us find people to teach and teaching and fellow shipping with us! it's so amazing. Truly the work accelerates when this happens:) So transfers are next week... i think I'll be taken out of the vc and moved somewhere else. Maybe I'll open up a new area. who knows. I want to stay here because i love these people and the new people we've begun to teach but the Lord knows I'll take any responsibility he gives me, and gladly. I know that this work is true, i love seeing the gospel change lives and touch hearts, it's so mantis!;) I love it, i love it, i love it! thank you mum for helping me decide to go on a mission.Thank you for helping me realized that this would be greater than the humanitarian work i wanted to do. It truly is better times infinity. Hope you have a great week! Love you and miss you heaps:) Sister Bird

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