Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What lesson did you learn this week?

Hello Family!
So tata is still pretty excited for him baptism. He did not come to church yesterday but he did come to the fireside that we  had later on that evening where we learned all about the ancestry of the Moari people from the book of Mormon and where they landed in america and etc. it was really cool. something that brother Jones said that really stuck out to me was " silence is a sin, will we not raise a warning voice to God's children?" It's so true, we have great knowledge, and we know the plan and the consequences, will we not raise a warning voice. i loved it! 
So my challenge to you this week is to not be silent. We are surrounded by people everyday that we can share the gospel with. Something i've learned from the prestons is that you can share the gospel anywhere and anytime. They give out book of mormon's at work. They even had an expo yesterday to find new patients and ended up not getting any but sharing the gospel and giving away 2 copies of the book of mormon. They are truly amazing. The lord needs all of us to be like that. I know its scary, because i still get scared but he will help us know what to say and we will feel the spirit more abundantly in our lives if we share the gospel.
So i've learned my lesson this week. What lesson did you learn?
I love you all!
love sister Bird
1. me and sienna

2. natasha's kids

3. serenity and her sister

4. tata

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