Monday, January 27, 2014

This week absolutely flew by!

 Holy Cow! this week absolutely flew by. i can't believe it. It got to friday and i felt like it was tuesday still. i don't know where it went. I couldn't even believe it was Sunday yesterday. so weird. This week was just a wonderful week to do the work of the Lord. 
it's interesting because i go through cycles or patterns of life or work here. For a time i will be completely okay and fine with talking with everyone i see and other times i will get so nervous that i will come up with all the excuses in the world of why not to talk to them. None of which are valid because we are all children of God and need to live with him again someday to have complete happiness and it's my responsibility to share that with them right now. However, each time i come to understand the atonement a little bit more and feel the power of it in my life. I know that if christ did not suffer then there is no way we would be able to receive answers to our prayers. We would be able to receive help and guidance, or strength, support and comfort. all of those things come to us because Christ suffered for us. He did not just suffer for our sins, but all of our pain, sickness, temptations, sadness, mental disabilities, insecurities, and emotional problems as well. He understands every little or big thing that we go through because he's felt it the exact same way. it's truly humbling to know that the Savior did that for ME... for you...for everyone. What a blessing, what a miracle. I am so grateful for the help and strength that i receive each day as i ask for it through prayer in the name of Christ. He is my Savior, he has become my best friend, i love him. I know i couldn't do any of this without him because he keeps me going. He helps me realized i can't give up on people because He NEVER gave up on me. It's so humbling.
    So we have been teaching this family. Or the kids of the blair family. The mom is not interested and does not believe in God but she doesn't mind that we come over to teach the kids. So we planned for them to all come up to the VC and their mom was going to bring them up. But she ended up being asleep, so she couldn't. Malcolm the 13 yr old boy really wanted to come so we told him that we would arrange a ride. His sisters Cassandra(17), brittany(15)  and alexandria(12) were going to come as well. so we arranged for  bishop to go and pick them up. Which in the meantime he had received a prompting that morning that we were going to need him for something so he texted us and asked us if we had visited one of our investigators or if we were going to that day, and if not then he would. But he still felt like something was missing, like he was being prepared to be our ride. It was so neat. So when we called and asked him, he was so keen to help and do what the Lord asked. So when they came we found that only malcolm had come, he said his sisters weren't feeling to well and didn't want to come. We were so thrilled just to have him come though, even though we were disappointed his sisters didn't come i believe it was supposed to happen that way. We showed him around and talked to him about if he had prayed to know if the book of mormon was true. He said he did the night before but he didn't receive an answer. We asked him if he felt anything while he was praying about it and he said "ya, i felt like a spark of joy go throughout my whole body!" i just about jumped for joy! He received a very specific answer to his question. He began to get excited as well. We showed him around more and he was telling us how much he like what he was learning and that he believed it and would even be baptized. He didn't know what it meant to be baptized at that point but i know he was so sincere. He said his mom wouldn't let him and she thinks it's a dumb religion but he doesn't he "thinks it's awesome'. It was so cool to see how sincere he was. i love it. i was so happy that day!
    Our investigators from a few months back... Iri & vinnie. We have seen them around and stayed friends with them after they told us they don't want to learn more. However, we invited them to the Christmas lights and they came! they actually loved it and said they wanted to come back, We were able to catch up with them and they said that one of their goals this year is to start coming to church regularly. Which is really cool because when we were teaching them before they didn't see the need for organized religion and to attend church. The Lord has been preparing them and softening their hearts. I love it! So they came to the VC the other night and we showed them around and showed them God's plan and the temple and it was really neat. They are keen to learn more and they had tons of questions. Which some of them were answered in the lesson we taught them months ago, which goes to show that we didn't explain things very well! ha but it's all good, i hope we are better teachers now!!! ha 
    I am getting nervous for transfers this week but i know i will go where the Lord needs me. There is lots for me to learn! ha 
    Vicki, has really grown to love us! You can tell she trusts us, however, i believe she is still having a hard time trusting God. She just can't ask!!!  I wish she would because i know she would receive so much help and blessings!!! Please pray for her, her dad just went to the hospital for many problems. They are struggling. Her dad and her little girl both have cancer. she is a single mom and her mind is like scrambled eggs all of the time. I love her so much. 
    I will be sad to leave my area. i love my ward, it's become like a homeward to me. i would absolutely feel comfortable living in this ward! The people are so great and kind, it's wonderful. 
    Yesterday, we got a taste of what full time proselyting will be like. sunday after church we had a lunch/dinner around 3 and we were out the rest of the night with no breaks! it was so much fun, it was pouring rain! We were able to get 6 other lessons!! which is amazing because we barely get over that for an entire week!
    We taught an atheist last night, Shawn, who has become our new investigator. I am looking forward to teaching him again. He was saying his whole life he's just pushed it away with out trying to understand but as we taught him last night he was so sincere and trying to understand. He wants the happiness that we talk about and is willing to try it out so he can have that happiness. He prayed at the end of the lesson too! it was so cool. Pray for him as well. :) 
    The Lord is blessing us with so many people to teach and although many are slow movers and probably wont' be baptized for a while i have faith that they are in good hands and will get there:)
Well i love you all heaps. REMEMBER to look for the blessings that God has given  you. He truly is blessing you everyday!

many times people think that God isnt there because they have all of these problems and they aren't seeing the little ways he's blessing them. But remember that God is blessing you each day we just need to look for those blessings to see them and then we are grateful. 
*make a gratitude journal and you will see how much God truly is blessing you:) love yaz!

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