Monday, January 20, 2014

Some interesting things happened but very cool!

So this week was a good one.
some interesting things happened but very cool!
So we went to this recent converts house, she is very bold so sometimes its really scary to talk to her. And she started to tell us that she made a mistake in being baptized and she doesn't get anything from the scriptures anymore. She doesn't see the point in scriptures or going to church, and she feels like this kind of life isn't for her. sister Prince and i just sat there and didn't know what to do or say. We tried to talk to her about it but she would just throw out another reason why it wasn't for her. Sister Prince started to get upset and cry so she quickly stood up before they noticed and asked if she could go to the bathroom. And there i was in the room with this women, her recent convert of a month brother and her  NM mom. uh, i didn't know what to do so i started to be bold. It was really neat though because she's done something like this before and we aren't sure what to do and it gets awkward but this one was the worst. it's like she is the only right one and the way she thinks is the only right way. i don't know how to describe it. She's lovely just dont' know how to address her concerns. anyway, the spirit was leading me to say all these things and th spirit was really pretty strong. Usually when this happens it leaves. I am so grateful that it was guiding me with what to say. Nothing was working and then i just told her that we don't know or understand what it is she is going through, however, there is someone who does. Our savior jesus christ and our heavenly father. I bore my testimony to her of how if she turned to them for help, they would be able to help her and comfort her. At this point sister Prince came in and then asked her if she remembers the first time she received her testimony of the book of mormon. The lady said "you expect me to remember over 12 months ago?" and sister prince said, well my experience was over 8 years ago and i still remember. And then she started to cry, it was the spirit as well as sadness for this lady. This lady then dismissed her brother and mom and said she would like to have a word with us. sister Prince and i both freaked out inside.. what was going to happen. She comes closer and sits by us, she then began to cry. What was once a tough lady had now become a tender lady. She expresed to us how hard it has been for her to get along with her missionary gone. she thought she was doing ok but she's just having a hard time. Things aren't as exciting as they used to be and she doesn't feel as though she fits in the ward.
It was so sad to see her break down, but it was a perfect example of what it says in PMG about iceburgs. We only know the part of the iceburg sitting on top of the water when there is a much deeper and more massive chunk under the water. All those things she told us at first were just tiny compared to the real problem she was facing. When we share personal spiritual experiences with others and follow the spirit, we can truly help them how they  need to be helped. We can also help them open up. it was amazing and my testimony grew heaps.

So yes, Kristin Smith came and visited me at the VC. It was really cool to connect mine and Taylor's missions together. She is a really neat girl and we became pretty good friends in the hour that we visited. She's a great girl. And being a missionary is the best part because i helped her with some things and was hopefully able to build her faith. it was neat. She said she really needed what i shared and what we talked about. 

Sister Prince and i are getting along so well.. I love her heaps. I used to get annoyed at her all the time but now we just talk about it straight away and it goes away and we enjoy each other once again. I love it. we are now always laughing and doing the work with one heart and mind. She is a great companion, i would love to stay with her for my whole mission, however, i know i wouldn't learn much. She keeps me in the right way and keeps me going. Her hard work and diligence is a great example to me. I love that about her, everything about her. So many people think that we are twins or sisters. ha it's great!
Please continue to pray for my investigators One of them is vicki, she is in the picture below. Lovely lady. poor thing though, her 3 year old daughter and her dad, who is old and living with her both have cancer. she has 4 kids and it's struggling with all the stresses of life. I know that the gospel will bless her life and i think she see's it too. She was able to recognize an answer to her prayers, which was awesome. She grew up under circumstances where you were never allowed to ask for anything. So she has a hard time asking for anything in prayers. We finally were able to get her to ask one thing. It was that she wouldn't be as stressed. The day that she asked for that, she said she didn't have any stress and it was a normal stressful day. It's amazing to see that the Lord answers prayers. I know he does, but my favorite thing is when people recognize his answers.
Sister Prince and i gave talks in church this sunday.  It was great! i wasn't even nervous. I love how the Lord blesses me with that ability. I felt like the spirit spoke through me and it was great. I know a lot of hearts were touched from the talks given by us.

We went to wendy's today! finally! i love wendy's. I finally had a frosty! i 've been wanting one so badly! it was so good and worth $3! ha so expensive here!

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