Saturday, July 20, 2013

Time is quickly creeping up on me

So time is creeping up on me pretty quickly... I have 4 full days left before I leave! Oh my goodness. This is crazy, is this really happening? I may be nervous but I am also super excited! The Lord has blessed me with an amazing opportunity to serve and teach the people of New Zealand. How many people get to do that? No, I won't get to swim there or vacation there(yet), but I will get to do the most important work that can be done on earth. I will be helping bring Salvation to souls, to many of God's children whom he loves. That right now sounds like a better opportunity and experience than vacationing does... at least at this point in my life. :)
 I am so excited to share the good news of the gospel with God's children! We can be cleansed from our sins because Jesus Christ suffered and died for us. Then once we are clean from our sins we will be worthy to live with our Heavenly Father again! Such wonderful news that is! :)

 I know it. I live it. I love it. I am a Mormon!

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