Tuesday, August 13, 2013

MTC final week-I've learned sooo much!

My companion and district left yesterday. It was the saddest and hardest part of my whole mission. I cried like a baby! It was rather embarrassing actually. I left the bus stop and walked away holding it in the best i could. then an elder came over and tried to ask me a question for a pole he was doing. I just broke into tears and was uncontrollable. It was so hard to stop myself, I couldn't even tell him what was wrong. He felt so bad and was like" sister I wish I could hug you right now." Just then a couple of sisters came over and were trying to help me. she asked if i needed anything and i just said "hug me". The lord blesses you with people to help you out in every situation. I am so grateful for those random sisters I didn't even know, they walked me to the residence where the other sisters in my zone were, they are now my companions until tomorrow.

First Companion Sister Allen

I have a new companion and she is great! I have learned so much from her and the way she teaches. She is truly incredible. I love being a  visitor center (vc) sister! We have so many more resources to teach the gospel than normal missionaries do and we have all aspects of missionary work. I get the field, computer and people coming into the vc! It's great because our purpose is still the same! We had a super cool experience the other day teaching a man online. He got on chat and asked about the Book of Mormon and we were able to tell him about it and he was so interested and wanted to buy his own but we told him we could send him one for free! ha but he didn't want us to have his address so he found how to do it online and get it in dutch his native language. It was so cool! The Lord knows what he's doing! Also we were able to help him see the purpose of life thru the plan of salvation! He was so interested he wanted to learn more! It is so great! I am so happy!

I have run into Jaime Fifield and Chloe Haderlie several times. It is wonderful to see them. They will both be amazing missionaries.

New and final comp in the MTC
on our way to do laundry

Me and Jaime (love that sister like a sister!) So happy to see her!

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